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4 Tier Picasso Fountain
Florentine Fountain with Globed Pedestal
Pavasa Fountain
Auberge Wall Fountain
Parisienne One Tier Fountain
Echo Wall Fountain
Singing Birds Oval Fountain
Contemporary Swirl Fountain- 40% off!
Two Tier Meadows Glow Fountain
Two Tier Chelsea Glow Fluted Fountain
2 Tier Oval Jubilee Fountain
Fern Leaf Fleur de Lis Fountain
Milano Urn Lion Fountain
Fleur de Lis Element Fountain
Venus Planter
Classico Cherub Fountain
Fountainette - Sailboat
Fountainette - Three Doves
Fountainette - Garden Glow
Fountainette- Petite Bird
Fountainette -Easter Island God
Fountainette- Tiki
Fountainette - Petal Point
Fountainette - Tropics Pineapple
Bird- Corvus
Fountainette - Fairy
Fountainette - Sitting Angel
Fountainette- Singing Birds
Caterina Fountain
Flower Fountainette
Clover Leaf Fountainette
Fleur Fountain
Williamsburg Pineapple Fountain in Basin
Cortile Fountain
Acanthus Fountain
Vicobello Fountain
Bjorn Fountain
Estancia Fountain
Frog Plinth Fountain
Leaf Element Fountain
Bird Element Fountain
2 Tier Lane Fountain
Lion Wall Fountain
Paradiso Fountain
Lion Element Fountain
Angus Scotty Dog Statue
Sitting Gargoyle
Longwood Claw-footed Fountain
Palazzo Obelisk Fountain
Passaros Fountain
Portico Wall Fountain
Provence Fountain
Sun Element Fountain
Zen Plinth Fountain
Gnome Buddies- Aiden
Gnome and Bunnies
Sweet Dreams
Cairn- 3 stone
Cairn-7 stone sculpture
Ceramic Flower Spirit Plantpick- Lily
Ceramic Flower Spirit Plantpick- Dahlia
Ceramic Flower Spirit Plantpick- Hibiscus
Fungi - Ceramic Mushrooms on stone
Riverstone Snail
Riverstone Frog
Metal Dragonfly Garden Stake
Metal Hummingbird Garden Stake
Cardinal Tree Ornament- Galvanized
Cardinal Tree Ornament- Flamed Copper Finish
Cardinal Metal Tree Ornament- Verdigris Finish
Peace Dove - Galvanized Finish
Peace Dove- Flamed Copper Finish
Peace Dove- Verdigris Finish
Buddah Head- 8"
Meditating Buddah Statue
M-Series Coin Fountain
M-Series Escala Fountain
M-Series Arabesque Spa Fountain with Planter
M-Series Artifact Fountain
M-Series Flores Fountain
M-Series Pebble Fountain
M-Series Arabesque Spa Fountain
M-Series Shell Fountain
M-Series Reef Fountain
M-Series Sphere Fountain
M-Series Tufa Fountain
M-Series Leaf Fountain
Bird- Dove Pair
Frog- Frankie Frog
Petey, the bulldog
Pig- Perky
Bird- Raven
Frog -Gone Fishin, Father & Son Frog Fishing Buddies
Bird- Solo
Frog- Totally Zen Frog
Frog- Totally Zen Too
Basket Cases
Turtle- Traffic Jam- Turtles on a Log
Fox -Noble Fox
Bird- Falcon
Saint Francis with Shell
Madonna Statuette
Saint Francis Statuette
Standing Madonna & Child
Saint Francis with birds
Saint Francis with baby bird
Saint Fiacre
Sitting Cherub- Medium
Sitting Cherub- Small
Praying Angel
Wood Nymph
Mother & Child
Gnome Buddies- Aria
Gnome Family - Big Fred, the meditating gnome
Gnome Buddies- Colin
Valencia Wall Fountain
Aya Fountain
Andra Fountain
Sussex Wall Fountain
Songbird's Rest Birdbath
Avery Birdbath
Welcome Bat Wall Plaque
Abaca Buddah
April Showers
Buddah- Small Temple Buddah
Dancing Buddah
Buddah- Rustic Antique Buddah
Gnome Buddies-Joe
Gnome Buddies- Gavin
Gnome Buddies - Galen
Dragon - Puddles
Dragon - Paws
Dragon - Scraps
Gnome Family - Fred, the meditating gnome II
Dragon - Abraxas
Fairy - Hyacinth
M-Series Ribbed Spa Fountain with Planter
M-Series Ribbed Spa Fountain
M-Series Rustic Spa Fountain with Planter
M-Series Ridge Fountain
M-Series Rosette Fountain
Dragon - On the Lookout
Dragon - Shelley
Dragon - Whimper
Dragon- 40 Winks
Fairy - Elinda
Gnome Family -Gnome Ranger
Gnome Family - Gnome Rider
Gnome Family- Gnome Coach
Cast Iron Soap Dish
Frog- Jumper
Turtle -Small Turtle
Hedgehog- small
Frog- Tiny Frog
Bird- Flutter
Bird- Bathing Bird
Bunny- Small Fry Bunny
Cherub Birdfeeder
Bird- Sweetie
Bird- Penguin
Owl- Baby Barn Owl
Vintage Floral Images, Wood Framed
Chipmunk- Autumn Chipmunk
Fish- Swimming Fish
Bunny- Whisper
Bunny- Snowball
Bird- Small Raven
Bird- Duet
Lunar Moth
Frog -Coffee
Frog- Tea
Frog- Bumbershoot Frog
Bunny- Youngster
Frog -Parasol Frog
Turtle- My Pet Turtle
Yoga Bunny- Downward Dog
Bird- Lovebirds
Mouse -Harvest Mouse
Frog -Wine Time
Williamsburg Summer House Birdbath
Savannah Girl
Acorn Finial
Charles Towne Finial
Shroomie- Small
Shroomie- Medium
Shroomie- Large
Acanthus Corbel - Medium
Green Man Corbel
Prince of Wales Crest
Four Seasons Terminals
English Corbel
Green Man Plaque
Oval Bird Plaque
Flower Basket Plaque
Three Tier Italian Fountain
Eclipse Plaque
Pineapple Plaque- Small
Pineapple Plaque - Large
Fruit Molding
Anthemion Plaque
Charleston Wall Planter
Magnolia Corbel
Woman Shelf
Ram Head Shelf
Angel Face Pilaster
Leaf Man Plaque
Garden of Eden Plaque
English Fruit Basket Wall Plaque
Flora & Fauna Wall Plaque
Secret Whispers Mother & Child Plaque
Fireside Lion
Welcome Birdbath
Habini Teak Round Bowl
Mouse on Mushrooms
Moreland Urn
Frog Buddies Fountain
Broken Jug Fountain- 10% off!
Alfresco Fountain
Overflowing Vase Fountain
Curving Log Fountain
Small Wildflower Fountain
Birds of a Feather Fountain
Roman Sphere Fountain- 15% off!
Gargoyle Fountain
Classic Lion Fountain with Riser
Large Arch Monolith Fountain
Gnome of Plenty
Gnome of Nasty
Gnome of Drink
Turkish Planter
Two Tier Boca Round Fountain
Fountainette -Good Fortune Dragon
Fountainette - Good Fortune Dog
Fountainette - Ribbon of Tribute
Lil' Dragon- Rexy
Zen Critters- Small Meditating Rat
Zen Critters- Small Meditating Monkey
Zen Critters- Small Meditating Cat, Turtle, Dog & Frog
Zen Critters- Small Meditating Gargoyle
Zen Critters- Small Meditating Dragon
Zen Creations- Small Meditating Hotei
Zen Creations- Small Meditating Buddah
Zen Critters- Medium Meditating Frog
Zen Critters- Medium Meditating Turtle, Dog
Zen Critters - Large Meditating Dog
Zen Critters - Large Meditating Turtle
Zen Critters - Large Meditating Bunny
Zen Critters - Large Meditating Frog
Sleeping Terrier
Bunny- Stargazer Bunny
Grotto - 18" Round Embossed Grotto
Blessed Mother - 18"
Blessed Mother - 25"
Our Lady of Fatima - 18"
Pig -Peaches
Basset Hound Puppy
Lil' Dragon- Butterfly
German Shepherd Puppy
Fox, small
46" Charlotte Fountain- 20% off!
Basset Hound - Life is Good!
Westie Puppy
Praying Angel, large
Lil Dragon Playing Ball
Lil' Dragon- Snooze
Lil' Dragon - Flip
Lil' Dragon- Grinsey
Lil' Dragon- Mohna
Dragon- Sweetwater Pals
Dragon -Hamm
Dragon- Winkle
Dragon- Timble
Dragon- Sweet Pea
Dragon- Rexy
Dragon- Welcome Friends
My Guardian Cat
Owl-Great Horned Owl
All Birds Welcome
Small Gargoyle Eating
Jersey Devil Gargoyle
Atllas Statue
Saint Francis Bird Feeder
Bunny- Large British Hare
Bunny- River Rabbit
Phoebe Shelf Wall Plaque
Bird- Carolina Wren
Bunny with Flower Basket
Rooster - Leghorn Rooster
Bunny - English Hare
Frog- Figaro Frog
Frog- Lilypad Frog, Small
Swan Birdbath
Heron Birdbath
Salon Bench
Chelsea Curved Bench
Bunny Bench
Westland Bench
Straight Cheshire Bench
Old Duffer
Angel with Fish
Pan Terminal
Savannah Girl - Large
Rococo Dolphin Urn
Esplanade Urn
Oval Weave Planter
Large Panel Pedestal
Sunio Pedestal
French Fruit Basket Finial
Legacy Console Table
Flower Corbel
Large Vine Birdbath
Angel with Lily
Sleeping Cat
Garden Gecko
Frog - Figaro Frog, Large
Frog -Piggyback Frog
Chicken- Plump Chicken on base
Pig - Mama Sow
Angel's Prayer
Hedgehog in Pot
Squirrel with Pinecone
Passaros II Fountain
Small Thinker Gargoyle
Chicken Planter
Smithsonian Eastlake Fern Box
Williamsburg Jefferson Planter
Williamsburg Strapwork Leaf Urn
Frog - Williamsburg Fence Post Frog
Longwood Arabesque Urn
English Gothick Window Box
Galicia Planter
Garth Planter
M-Series Platia Fountain
M-Series Veranda Fountain
Reef Point Bench
Dragonfly Curved Bench
Vicenza Console Table
Ruffle Planter
Reef Point Birdbath
Cat Nap Birdbath
Indian Summer Birdbath
My Heart is in the Garden Birdbath
Millbridge Urn
Large Heart Planter
Small Heart Planter
Two Tier Chelsea Glow Round Fountain
Cheswick the Cat
Victorian Rose Birdbath
Beauvoir Birdbath
Gnome Buddies - Ronin
Gnome Buddies - George
Dragon - Puzzle
Indonesian Seated Buddah
Morris Seated Buddah
Valery Finial- Small
Valery Finial- Large
Acorn Wall Plaque
Fleur de Lis Wall Plaque
Japanese Lantern- Biltmore Collection
Footed Japanese Lantern- Biltmore Collection
Bamboo Lantern
Fluted Cardiff Urn
Butterfly Bowl - Antique Cream
Ammonite Stepping Stone
Daralis Adobe Fountain
Bird- Crow
Davos Round Planter
Butterfly Bowl - Terra Mano
Paraba Flared Planter
Butterfly Bowl - French Blue
Cat with Bow
Pig- Babe
Williamsburg Tayloe House Urn
Siena Birdbath
Rittenhouse Window Box
Small Heart Planter
Fleur de Lis Bird Fountain
Classical Doves of Love Fountain
Lily Pond Fountain
Cherub Arch Wall Fountain- 40% off!
Seaside Girl
Saint Francis at the Well- 50% off!
Frog -Checkmate
Classic Lion
Eagle -Heraldic Eagle
Pug Puppy
Standing Terrier
Chihuahua Puppy
Spanky the Spaniel
Boxer Puppy
Beagle Puppy
Frog - Herbert
Frog- Hugo
Chantal Planter
Pig -Penny
Cable Knit Short Planter
Standing Whippet
Aurelius Planter
Montalcino Fountain
Chatsworth Fountain
Corsini Wall Fountain
Williamsburg Tea Table Birdbath
Williamsburg Plantation Urn
Longwood Basketweave Planter
Acanthus Urn
Medaillon Planter- Small
Morris Fluted Square Planter
Small Basket with Handle Planter
Lakeshore Square Short Planter
Bunny- Mother Rabbit
Vintage Garden Gnome
Gnome Family - Wilfred Wishtender
Gnome Family - Brindle Berrybaum
Gnome Family - Annie Applegrin
Gnome Family - Storytime with Grandpa
Gnome Family - Gramma Hamma
Young Seated Buddah
Royal Buddah
Garden Madonna
Saint Francis
Woodland Saint Francis
Saint Fiacre Statuette
Kneeling Madonna & Child
Rustic Medium Obelisk
Clermont Finial, Small
Clermont Finial, Large
Rouen Finial, Small
Balustrade Accent Table
Dragon -Yin Yang Dragons
Frog- Enjoying the Golden Years
Daisyweave Globe Holder
Birds in Flight
Round Scroll Pedestal
Beauvais Sundail Pedestal
Toscana Pedestal
Angel Kitty
Clermont Finial Medium
Garden Girl with Baskets
Tree of Life (Rectangular)
Tree of Life (Square)
Sunflower & Butterfly Tree
Nesting Bird
Fly me to the sun
Dragonfly Garden
Butterfly Garden
Mini Bird
Mini Bird (Left)
Mini Bird
Small Flight
Child of the Universe
Trois Soleils
Small Shines
Small Shines 2
Wedding Tree
Spouts & Sprouts
Angel Of Wheat
Williamsburg Cherub Plaque
Dragon - Yolande
Williamsburg Orabelle Planter
Longwood Capital Planter
Angel Puppy
Cutie Kitty
Bird- Eureka
Playful Kitten
Proud Pup
Bird- Resting Bird
Bird- Songbird
Frog -Tree Frogs
Bird- Tweet
Fairy- Aster
Fairy- Bluebell
Sebille Stargazer
Dragon - Fiona Winged Dragon
Fairy - Primrose
Fairy - Violet
Sindri Stargazer
Gnome Home Short
Gnome Home Small
Gnome Home Mailbox
Artifact Buddah
Serene Buddah Head- medium
Serene Buddah Head- Small
Autumn Angel
Fiona's Angel
Male Golfer
Mother's Love
Buddah-Small Seated Buddha
Fleur de Lys Curved Bench
Trough Garden Console Table
Lil'Dragon- Peek a Boo
Lil' Dragon- Peace Sign
Lil' Dragon Heart
Lil' Dragon - Eating Apple
Lil' Dragon - Ladybug
Fountainette - Wise Old Tree
Bunny -Sniggle Bunny
Pig - Grubby
Morocco Spiral Pedestal
Angel of Grape
Stretching Cat
My Guardian Dog
Cocker Spaniel Puppy
Hospitality Pineapple Finial
Pellegrini Angel Plaque
Estate Bench
Victorian Plant Stand
Shishi Foo Dog Male & Female
Curved Cheshire Bench
Atlas Birdbath
Victorian Birdbath
Sicilian Pedestal
Atlantian Jardiniere
Estate Pineapple
Fleur de Lis Wall Plaque- Small
Griffin Medaillon Left
Griffin Medaillon Right
Herakles Overdoor
Fire Panel Plaque
Greek Key Bench
Hunt Console Table
Rochefort Fountain
Equinox Birdbath Fountain
Cascading Hosta Fountain
San Pietro Fountain
Solaris Fountain
Colonna Fountain
Hydrangea Leaves Garden Terrace Fountain
Cirrus Birdbath Fountain
Charleston Fountain
Rustica Pot Fountain
Natchez Fountain
Evolution Tiara Fountain
Evolution Arum Fountain
Evolution Cluster Arch
Evolution Fleur de Lis
Evolution Spider & Arch Fountain
Evolution Tornado Fountain
Evolution Torrent Fountain
9 Watt LED Light Set
3 Watt LED Light Set
Gnome Home - Toad House
Foo Dog-Small Temple Foo Dog, Left
Foo Dog- Small Temple Foo Dog, Right
Joyful Buddha
Tranquility Buddah
Hen Planter
Bunny- Bunny Planter
Bat House
Bird-Mini Bird
Pig- Petunia
Pig - Marigold
Tex the Armidillo
Whimsical Frog Birdbath
Chicken - Henrietta
Bird- Amelia
Spike the lizard
Rooster- Antique Rooster
Turtle- Ole Crusty
Frog- Mini Zen Frog
Saint Padre Pio
Oriental Maiden
Madonna of the Roses
Bird- Chickadee
Smithsonian Ivy Urn
Dragonfly Birdbath- Small
South Seas Planter
Bird- Happy Hour
Bird- Sparrow
Bird- Cardinal
Squirrel- Small
Tall Sisal Weave Planter
Bird- Trio
Pig- Curly
Turtle -Box Turtle
Gnome Family- Gribblegrin
Gnome Family- Mugwiggen
Gnome Family - Winktingle
Morris Standing Buddah
Gnome Home- Tall
Gnome Home Planter
Garden Grace
Bird- Gentle Flight
Dragon -Nesco
Dragon - Treats
Dragon - Tandy
Dragon - Spring Fever
Bunny- Rabbit Set
Labrador Retriever Puppy
Gnome with Shovel
Saint Padre Pio- 30"
Gnome Lady with Rabbit
Fox- Sitting Hunter Fox
Fox- Sitting Hunter Lady Fox
Bunny -Tapps, the bunny
Bunny- Punky
Turtle- Spitting Turtle
Fountainette - Lighthouse
Listening Gargoyle
Thinking Gargoyle
Shy Sitting Gargoyle
Dragon - Winslow
Angel with Dove
Swan Planter - Left
Swan Planter - Right
Swan Planter - Small
Batter Up Birdbath
Fountainette - Golf
Choir Angel
Dragon - Flo
Dragon- Welcome Friends
Frogs and Lilies Birdbath
Buddah 17"
Laughing Garden Face
Gothic Lion Wall Plaque
Alistair Lion Plaque
Small Lion Medaillon Plaque
Small Lion Keystone Plaque
Angel Face Plaque
Round Moon Plaque
Grecian Conquest Plaque
Cherub Wall Planter
Smithsonian Goblet Urn
Williamsburg Neoclassic Urn
Williamsburg Egg & Dart Urn
Kent Urn
Longvue Fountain
St. Aubin Fountain
Sentinel Spaniel Left
Sentinel Spaniel Right
80" Royal Stone Lamp Post
55" Royal Stone Lamp Post
Bacchus Wall Plaque
North Wind Wall Plaque
Tulip Vase
Milano Urn
Victorian Basket
60" Four Season - Spring
63" Hebe- Plumbed
63" Bacchus
58" Venus of the Sea
41" Venus
Opal Octagonal Fountain
Williamsburg Pineapple Fountain
Owl-Twin Owls
Owl- Barny
Seated Lotus Buddah
Middleton Segmented Window Box
Pensive Demon
Garland Quadro Pedestal
Purrfect Friends
Adirondack Planter
Chestnut Planter
Sun Plaque, Small
Tyler with puppies
Three Cherubs Wall Plaque
Fountainette - Wise Owl
Candia Fluted Fountain- 30"
Adirondack Fountain
Jubilee Vase Fountain- 40"
Birds of a Feather Boca Fountain
Chaumont Fountain
Two Tier Boca Hex Fountain
Four Tier Sonoma Fountain- 78"
Fountainette- Gargoyle
Fountainette- Elephant
Fountainette- Baseball
Graceful Dish Fountain
Fountainette - Rose
San Marino Fountain
Canyon Falls Fountain
Two Tier Chelsea Glow Square Fountain
Tranquility Spill Fountain with Birds-34"
Ecatepec Urn Fountain
Williamsburg Two Tier Pineapple Fountain
Garden Terrace Meditation Fountain
Ollie Statue
M-Series Quadro Fountain
M-Series Medaillon Fountain
M-Series Camellia Fountain
Pig, Cast Iron
Gnome Family- Stealing Home
Square Eden Plaque
Green Man Plaque
Dryad Plaque
Elephant- Cast Iron Door Stop
Owl-Soaring Owl
Madonna- Small
Standing Mermaid
Mirabella Scallop Fountain - 54"
Three Tier Harvest Fountain- 56"
Two Tier Cortona Fountain
Lovebirds Birdbath
Sailboat Birdbath
Tuscan Sun Birdbath
Gift Creative Coop
Gift Creative Coop
Mice,Cast Iron, set of 3
Madonna, Resin Statue
Bird, Frog, Snail, Turtle,
Garden Tool Hooks
Cast Iron Mouse Hook
Cast Iron Rabbit
Bird Hook, Metal
Retro Wall Decor
Tin Heart
Cowboy Wall Decor
Pig Head, Cast Iron
Pig "Oink"
Rooster, Wall Decor
Foxy Lady
Square Wood Frame
Pig, Resin
St. Francis, Resin Statue
Turtle Soap Holder
Cat Bookends, Cast Iron
Turtle Key Box
Love Picture Frame
Boot Planters, Metal
Embroidery Wall Plaques
Heart Wall Decor
Flower Wall Decor
"Blessed" Wall Decor
You And Me And the Dog
"Breathe It All In" Wall Decor
"Dwell In Possibility"
Love Banners
Let It Go Banners
Animal Wall Decor
Floral Decor, Wood Framed
"Garden" Wall Decor
Sylvan Planter
Turtle Planter
Fur-Ever Friends
Frog- Baseball Frog
Frog -Cowboy Frog
Frog -Fisherman Frog
Frog -Golfer Frog
Pig-Bon Appetit
Bird- Hummingbird
Fish- Rainbow Trout
Owl-Scholarly Owl
Bird- Rendezvous
Owl- Hoot
Bird- Tweeters Five
Golden Retriever Puppy
Shepherd Puppy
Lil Dragon-Hatching Perky
Lil Dragon-Hatching Winks
Lil Dragon - Dreamer
Jonas Laying
Jonas Sitting
Thinking Tree - 29"
Sterling Woods Drog
Tree Wizard- 29"
Old Sap Birdbath
Crouching Gargoyle- 26"
LC1 Fountain
Three Tier Windley Key Fountain
Andalusia Fountain
Portwenn Fountain
Palamos Fountain
Disappearing Leaf Fountain
Dragonfly Wall Fountain
Bamboo Pot Fountain
Leone Wall Fountain
Break Time Birdbath
Oak Bluff Fountain
Hydrangea Leaf Birdbath
Heart Shell, Small
Heart Shell, Large
Quarry Stone Birdbath
Birchwood Birdbath
34" Victorian Fern Leaf Birdbath
Gothic Dogwood Plaque
Round Wind Plaque
Large Thinking Gargoyle
Laying Lion
Charleston Harbor Plaque
Charente Fountain
Borghese in Basin Fountain
Pig-Welcome Percy
Lion Pair
Fruit Basket
Fruit Basket
New Orleans Fountain
Leaf Urn
Large Basket
Pig Bench
Morel Mushroom
Boot Planter
Rose Basket
Blue Heron Birdbath
Moose Feeder
Straight Fluted Bench
Grape Urn
Dove with Roses
Tall Canadian Planter
Cow Planter
Tall Roman Column
Pit Bull
Frog with Base
Horse- Laying Horse
Turtle- Large Turtle
Cougar Sitting
Cougar Standing
Owl- Horned Owl
Bird Tail Down
Bird Tail Up
Bird- Cardinal
Suki Lantern
Bird- Short Tail Bird
Sea Horse
African Lion Pair
Mom's Garden
Fire Hydrant
Dolphin Down Spout
Lion Bowl Jardiniere
Wolfpit Gargoyle
Jacobs Gargoyle
Owl, 12"
Beagle Pup, 14"
Three Welcome Puppies
Sea Turtle
Bunny -Love & Devotion
Fox, medium
Squirrel- Squirrel Set
Turtle- Extra small tortoise
Turtle- Medium Tortoise
Beagle- Welcome Friends
Life is Good Louie
Welcome Friends Felix
Welcome Willy
Mouse- Rosey
Mouse- Rocky
Monkey & Bananas
Monkey - Lay down 9"
Pug- 15"
Ollie Ogre
Orson Ogre
Buddha Face
Laughing Hoi Toi Face
Bust Planter - Woman
Blessed Mother & Grotto- One Piece
Cherished Angel
Gazing Garden Angel
Lil Dragon - Greenbank
Lil Dragon - Silly You
Rooftop Gargoyle- 24"
Yoga Cat
Yoga Dog
Bunny- Butterball
Pig - Peanut
Mouse - Mouseratti
Fish- Coy Koi
Snail Express
Falling Water IV Fountain
Gareth- Wall Planter
Ceris- Wall Planter
Cawdor- Wall Planter
Osian- Wall Planter
Juliet Birdbath
Flores Birdbath
Zen Element Birdbath
Martini Urn - Small
Leaf Column Pedestal
Williamsburg Jefferson Pedestal
Angel of Grace
Angel of Hope
Seven Deadly Sins
Yoga Bunny-Arching
It is good to be home, Wood
Eat Here
Metal Crown Catch All
Virgin Mary Statue
Rabbit Figurine- Resin
Metal Pedestal- Square
Metal Key Shaped Wall Hanger
Good Morning Sunshine Wall Sign
Hanging Metal Containers
Dragon - Herald
Praying Monk
Manhattan Fountain
Precipice Fountain
Amalfi Fountain
Yin Yang Pot Fountain
M-Series Rustic Spa Fountain
Playtime Statue
Shadows Perch
Driftwood Fountain
Finders Keepers
Lab Puppy
Williamsburg Delft Cat
Frog -All Creatures Great and Small
Frog -The Thinking Man's Frog
Classic Madonna
Grotto - Pointed, for 26" statue
Grotto - Pointed, for 18" Statue
Sacred Heart - 17"
Saint Jude - 17"
Four Seasons-Summer
Four Seasons-Fall
Classical Archer with Dog
Four Seasons-Winter
Classical Archer
US Armed Forces- Coast Guard
US Armed Forces- Army
Catch and Release- Boy with Frog Bronze Statue
Shell Sounds- Bronze Statue
Francine the Fairy- Bronze Statue

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